Your Photoshoot Day


Before Your Shoot

  1. Drink lots of water. it's good for the skin and hydration!
  2. Shave the parts you want shaved (or trimmed). The camera sees all :-)
  3. If you haven't purchased the makeup package, be sure to allow time for your own makeup. Makeup tips here.
  4. Come at your scheduled time. Please don’t be late as we don’t want you to feel rushed. We want you to have a relaxed, enjoyable time.
  5. Come with your own outfits unless we’ve made arrangements prior. We suggest at least 3 separate changes for a 2 hour shoot.
  6. Accessorize! Pearls, diamonds, jewelry that will enhance! Toys or props are good too!
  7. Unless you've purchased the makeup and/or hair package, you will be responsible for your makeup and hair styling. A room and mirror will be provided. Plan to bring what you need.

Your Scenes

Review the available scenes and let us know what you really want:

  1. Classic bedroom. This is the typical boudoir style with several different poses. Includes bed, big pillows, large standup mirror.
  2. Schoolroom. A single desk, chalkboard and accessories for that special schoolgirl fantasy.
  3. Fireplace and stone wall background. This is perfect for a relaxed, sultry atmosphere.
  4. Flower Garden. In Season
  5. Portrait background. Using a chair, ottoman, or standing in front of a backdrop.
  6. Dungeon with St. Andrews Cross. Dominatrix not included.
  7. Pool and/or hot tub. Summertime only.
  8. Motorcycle - upon request

The Agreement

  1. Clients must sign an electronic photo contract and release to receive your photos. You will be able to specify our ability to show your face, tag you on social media, or other restrictions.
  2. We are also required to verify your age for US 2257 purposes. Please complete this form prior to your photoshoot.

Your Poses

We will coach you through the poses, but think about what you really want to accentuate.

Boudoir is particular to the bootie, so remember to show it proudly!